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Original teen supernatural drama web series
Joey Graceffa and Whitney Milam
Whitney Milam and Michael Wormser
Whitney Milam and Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Joey Graceffa, Pierson Fodé, Jessica Lu, Jake Thomas, Kristina Cole, Devyn Smith

Six friends join together to tell a story that becomes increasingly dangerous and frightening. When the events of their story begin to cross over between worlds, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred.



The series incorporates impressive special effects, solid acting (Graceffa recently won the Streamy Award in the Best Dramatic Actor category) and even weaves Japanese mythology into its storyline, casting actors who can speak the language.
Backstage Magazine 

We are truly impressed by this week’s featured web series, which not only has a very professional look and feel, but also tells an intricate, layered story.



A web series that looks like it could the be pilot for a show on the CW network.​ [...] The writing is solid, avoiding much of the cringe-worthy dialogue indicative of most teen dramas. The series' co-producers should be commended for giving the production network-quality polish.

The 7th Matrix

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